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Pedroso Geriatric Centre

Pedroso Geriatric Centre, Vila Nova de Gaia, is a multi-purpose building, essentially intended for services linked to the area of health and geriatrics, with the particularity of also being a senior citizen residence centre, with housing types capable of offering more wide-ranging solutions to the needs of this age group.

In the existing urban context, this is a predominantly residential zone, with all types of buildings with respect to ceiling height, volume and occupation. All the existing construction is developed along roads, creating innumerable plots of land, some of a small area, primarily occupied by less voluminous buildings, others of considerable areas without any type of intervention.

It is intended that the majority of the existing services in the Geriatric Centre should be available for use by its residents as well as the entire population requiring this type of support, in order to meet current gaps of supply in this regard.

In order to ensure the efficient use of the facility, due to its characteristics and location, it is distributed strategically over various centres for different types of service (geriatric centre, senior citizen residence) safeguarding its sound operation and privacy.
The different units may operate as a whole or as autonomous businesses, if so desired. The business strategy shall determine the best choice. See website »


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