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Hotel Figueira da Foz

The city of Figueira da Foz has grown around the mouth of the River Mondego, on its right bank, on the area commonly referred to as the Bairro Velho (Old District).
Originally a small locality, this area prospered over time from the trade arising from the seafaring activity, which led to its expansion. Even today, it still maintains a strong connection to the river and sea port.
In its primordial times as a hamlet, the river constituted a fundamental element in the structuring of the urban morphology, and it was in this zone that the urban mesh began to consolidate, with the configuration of the current square, where the hotel project is located, already having been evident at the end of the eighteenth century.

Being particularly visible in this square, due to its imposing volume, the current building to be restored, planned for the installation of the hotel, is positioned along its eastern border. This ancient building maintains its original overall appearance.
The hotel project refers to the adaptation of the existing property to a 3-star hotel, where the entire interior of the building will be demolished.
The promoter's idea is based on the construction of a quality facility, proposed in a special area of the city, aimed at stimulating its invigoration and offering a type of service as yet inexistent in this zone of the city. The proposal intends to revitalise the appearance of this imposing building, while respecting its original design.
The designer's proposal intends to return to the original formal language that the building presented in terms of spans, characterised by their verticality and by the continuity of the metrics of the design, evident in the spans of the upper floors. The original wooden doors, which are still present, were studied in order to enhance the interior/exterior relationship of the building.
In contrast to that proposal for the walls of the building, the solution for the roof is bold, marking the contemporaneous nature of the solution currently presented, operating as the brand image of the building. The proposed solution thus takes on a formal character different from the existing one, with a view to maximising the living space of the attic, which at present merely shows fenestrations in the top elevation. Of curvilinear volume coated with zinc plating, the new roofing will have dormers along the vertical alignment of the lower spans, reproducing their metrics and design. In view of the formal complexity that the building presents on its plan (trapezoidal), this roofing is inspired by the hulls of the ships that moored very close in days gone by and with which this square established direct eye contact.

The proposal is based on the construction on a hotel with 40 accommodation units, rooms, dimensioned according to the legislation in force for 3 stars, with an auditorium for 60 occupants on the ground floor, of modular characteristics in terms of use, as well as a restaurant on the first floor which may be open to the community. A shopping area is also proposed on the ground floor.
A private car park and technical areas is foreseen for the basement. The access of vehicles to this floor will take place by a back alley, through a prominent body with a vehicle lift. The feasibility of the construction of a basement floor is substantiated by geotechnical surveys.
The centre of the building will have an opening of natural light, involving a panoramic elevator, and around which the common circulation areas will be organised. Viewed from the ground floor, this stream of light will give rise to a quintuple ceiling height with zenithal lighting, illuminating the entire interior of the building. The upper floors are intended for bedrooms, with 14 accommodation units being designed on the second and third floors and 12 units on the fourth floor, due to the adaptation of 4 of the rooms to 2 junior suites. On these floors, the idea of a gallery of accesses to the rooms around a central opening is reinforced.
The project has been approved by the National Authority for Civil Protection, the Regional Health Administration of Central Portugal, Turismo de Portugal and the City Hall.

Implantation Polygon: 624.80m²
Headroom: 20m over 5 floors (ground floor+4)
Floor Surface / Gross Construction Area: 2,714m²
Private Car Parking Places: 14


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